Re: A.M.F.A fresh water pump on A54

Beaute Olivier

Hello all,

I confirm the original chain wash pump on the AMEL 54 is an AMFA 66 without pressure tank.
The freshwater pump being an AMFA 88B with pressure tank.
For all AMFA 66 and 88 fresh water pumps, one of the causes of the pressure switch not to cut-off, is when the small hole for water leading to the rubber membrane is clogged from scaling.Then, the water pressure is not strong enough to move the springed switch.  To get access to it, you need to remove the plumbing fitting of the pressure switch from the pump. 
A good cleaning will improve this.

The common causes are too low battery voltage or worn out brushes.

Happy sailing.


On Saturday, July 20, 2019, 02:12:50 PM GMT+2, Lior Keydar via Groups.Io <sharona246@...> wrote:


It would be nice to have the S40 installed like on your pictures but on my A54 #18 AMEL is the 66B the Anchor wash pump. I rarely use it and it still working perfect. 
I am not the original owner but I am sure that this is the original AMEL Installation.


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