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In 2017 I found Portobelo to be poor but safe.  There is an interesting history there in that it was the staging port for the Spanish galleons  carrying gold and silver back to Europe.  It was heavily fortified although only one of the four forts has been excavated for viewing.

The sail loft there did some good canvas work for me at a very reasonable price.

If you happen to be cruising Eastern Panama toward the end of October, consider taking in the festival of El Cristina Negro (the Black Christ) at Portobelo, it is quite a spectacle.

I guess it would be wise to check out the crime situation first, but it would be a shame to miss it.

Linton Bay was also poor but safe in 2017, but there wasn’t anything there I would go back to see, especially in view of recent crime.

Sail safe, have fun!
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It would be easy to enjoy the San Blas where there is “less” crime then head to shelter bay marina. We liked the Portobello anchorage, but I have to admit the eyes felt hungry there. And Colon? I’ve been to a lot of places and never felt the way I felt in Colon.  

Just skip Portobello. Cool cannons. Really amazing history. Very sad monkey in a cage. A few Chinese quickmarts. 

My 2 cents. Don’t miss the San Blas!

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This is also true. One of the vessel’s EPRIB was found but there was no sign of wreckage.


The crime on the Caribe side of Panama this year has now reach an alarming level. Besides the recent armed robberies, there has be acts of piracy and murder. This includes only the crimes reported on CSSN. The regular crimes against tourist in Colon go mostly unreported and uninvestigated.


Thankfully the Pacific side of Panama and Panama City is a completely different story. It hard to believe this is the same country.



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I understand that in the last few weeks 2 sailboats have disappeared and no word has been heard from them.

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Heads up to owners in the Panama area on the Caribbean side. There has been a serious rash of armed robberies between Shelter Bay Marina and the San Blas Islands. Linton Bay is especially volatile at this time. Several boats anchored in various bays were boarded by armed thieves. Details of the robberies can be found on CSSN At this point no arrest have been made and the robberies are expected to continue.


Please be extra vigilant if your plans include sailing in these waters anytime soon.



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