C-Map vs Navionics charts

Joerg Esdorn

i have C Map on my Furuno TZ Plotter and Navionics on my iPad as a backup.   I’ve been noticing that the C Map charts for the Med often lack detail where we cruising sailors need it most: many little bays suitable as anchorages are just blue without soundings.  On the Navionics charts, on the other hand, I often have significant depth soundings and contours and rocks not shown on C map.  And there are other inaccuracies as well. Just now on my way south to Carthagena I passed a fish farm 5 miles from land that is not on my C map chart but is shown on Navionics.  And I just updated the C map ( but not Navionics).  

Is this experience typical for C map in other regions of the world as well?  I’m thinking seriously about buying Navionics for the Atlantic. Can you mix C map and Navionics on the same plotter?

joerg esdorn
A55 #53’

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