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Regarding the “pin holes”:

Diameter: 5 mm

Depth: 4 mm

Distance between holes ( center): 23.5 mm

The cover is curved (like a dome). 12 mm high

Sorry no info on Tab Screw

I took pictures that might help 


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Em seg, 22 de jul de 2019 às 14:52, Duane Siegfri via Groups.Io <> escreveu:

I'm preparing to replace the bearings in my Autoprop.  I've got the H6 LH (left hand) Tab Screw model.

You need a "Peg Spanner" to get the round outer covers off, and another "Peg Spanner" to get the Tab Screw off, and a "Nut Spanner" to get the Tab Screw Nut off.  The combined cost of these tools from Brunton is over $370, which is crazy excessive. The boat is in Grenada, and I'm in the midwest. 

There are a variety of "Adjustable Pin Wrenches" on Amazon, but I need the diameter of the "pin" holes in the cover, as well as the diameter of the pins in the Tab Screw.  Does anyone have that info?

The "Nut Spanner" looks like a socket with the perimeter filed down leaving four "legs".  This is the expensive tool at $192.  I don't know that anyone makes something similiar that would work, any suggestions?  I think I saw on this forum that someone had filed down a socket to fit but I can't find that post or file.

Just FYI I made my own "Prop Puller" from a piece of aluminum plate with three holes for the zinc nose cone bolts and a large hole in the center.  Using this aluminum plate with my bearing puller (Harbor Freight $50) does a great job of popping the prop off.  Brunton wants $236 for the same tool.

If I can get this info together I'll post drawings of the tool fabrication in the files section.

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