Re: Spinnaker Pole Strut Support

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Hi there 

Apparently Amel call these stainless sections ‘boomerangs’ for obvious shape based reasons.
I had crevice corrosion in all 6 shrouds on the main mast - where they passed through these boomerangs which prompted a complete replacement of all our standing rigging in Martenique this year. 

I would recommend all to have a look at there shrouds at this location. 

It’s a 5 min job to loosen the shroud clamps and move the boomerang up for a peek. 

Interestingly on my Maramu the shrouds had plastic around them at the point of passing through the boomerang clamps. I’ve since noticed that all the SMs I’ve seen since don’t have this plastic sheathing. The boomerangs just attach directly to the wire shrouds. Perhaps this causes less problems. 

I for one will be washing / moving the boomerangs frequently. I might even take them off if the boat is stationary for a while as it’s a quick job. 

Interested to hear others experience 

All the best

Maramu 162
Plymouth uk 

On 5 Jul 2019, at 23:53, sailhanoah@... wrote:

On my Sharki 127 I have the usual stainless tubing support for the strut for the spinnaker pole. The support has a clamp assembly (6 fasteners) on the cap shroud and hides a 120mm length of wire.  The spport crimps onto the lowers with just one fastener.
I am curious if an owner has experienced a corrosion problem on the cap shroud where it it hidden within the support clamp assembly.  This is a place to collect dirt and must be disassembled for inspection.

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