Re: Autoprop H6 Tools

Paul Stascavage


I just did the rebuild a few months ago. Supposedly, King Propulsion will loan you the tools. When I needed them there was a boat show going on somewhere and I couldn’t get a response so I ended up biting the bullet and buying them. A machine shop could make them for at least half the price.

Email me your address and I will ship them to you. You can ship them back to me when you are done. I would suggest having them made by a machine shop while you have them in your possession but not until you have used them. This way you will have some ideas for improvements.

I highly recommend watching the rebuild videos on the YouTube King Propulsion channel.

Even with the tools and using an extension for leverage, I was unable to get the end caps off. I ended up having a machine shop do that for me. Both heat and leverage were needed to get mine off.

The entire job took me much longer than I anticipated. I also found conflicting information regarding torque specifications for putting everything back together. I forget at the moment what I ended up going with but I have an accessible write up that is not accessible at the moment if you want me to look up my notes.

Write me if you have any questions.

Also a huge FYI. In the King Propulsion videos, he attacks the end caps as if they are LH threads in one video and RH in another. They are RH threads.

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