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Those buttons are available at most marine stores in Europe but I have yet to see one here in the US/Canada. You may be able to get them via Amel.. We replaced ours with a short threaded button and used silsacon to seal it. It worked for a few years then we did the same replacement.. We also kept the windlase covered as much as we could...
If anyone buys a new windlase keep in mind that you will have to drill a slot in the "rope" wheel for the nut that holds the counter slug..
All the best Richard and Joan on Challenge

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Subject: [Amel] Re: Lofrans Tigres switch
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Does anyone have a source, or know the brand/
model#, for the switch

ON TOP of the Maramu's Lofrans Tigres windlass
casing? We need a new

switch and rubber cup.
I spoke with Jim Thomas at Imtra in New Bedford,MA,
said the Tigres

was never made with a switch in the casing; that it
must have been

modified by a French distributor or Amel; that he had
fielded the same

question before, and has no source.
Amel will sell you replacements. I also found a very
similar button

on eBay . Do a search for WATERPROOF PUSH BUTTON HORN

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