1986 Amel Maramu 46 Mainsail Furling Motors

Samantha Jane Bartlett


I've been through all the info in the messages here and we've been trying to get an answer from Amel for weeks with no success - Our mainsail furling and outhaul motors are completely rusted up (inherited problem) and we need to replace them.  They are 3 pole motors but I can't get any info on the specs - closest I've found on here is a Leroy Somer MBT82-M?? 3,100 revs and 450W...

I've trawled the Leroy Somer website and googled for a supplier but I'm still struggling - can anyone confirm the specs and a supplier?  We've installed a work-around with a Quick windlass motor but I'm pretty sure we've overpowered it... it would be great to have some specs so that we can replace them with the right ones!

Thank you!

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