Re: 1986 Amel Maramu 46 Mainsail Furling Motors


"... if they would just give us the spec of the motor - or an equivalent..."  They don't do things that way, and Martinique is the wrong place to ask because they order all of the parts they sell from La Rochelle.

If you follow the instructions I gave you, you will get an answer, but since it will require them ordering a part for a 33 year old Amel, your request probably will not get the priority that another will get ordering a motor for a 15 year old Amel and that part is still stocked by Amel.

Note, that one part of the instructions I say, "In an emergency you can phone SAV at +33 (0) 546 55 00 75." Call them. French or English.


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On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 3:21 PM Samantha Jane Bartlett <bartlettsam@...> wrote:
Thanks Bill,

We have asked for a quote from both Amel in Martinique and SAV in France - my husband has spoken with them in French (he's French) and we are still getting no joy.  I understand it's a 33 year old boat but if they would just give us the spec of the motor - or an equivalent, we can work with it!  He's going to try and call again tomorrow to France... but this has been going on a long time now and we're no further forward.  Our old motors are just too rusty to get any info from!

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