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Paul Brown

Hi Mohammad 

I hauled out at port de Peche last month and was happy with the labor and price but needed to directly supervise them and check their work regularly providing them good instructions, the two contractors on the east side of the yard are ok

Also I found that you need to establish the firm cost as extra works seem to attract a higher price if not negotiated up front

Not sure about the stainless work, the canvas work at the marina is good 

care should be taken confirming the quality of materials as we brought our own anti foul and canvas etc, also I would recommend not leaving the materials with them and supervise them with the materials as they prepare or mix them as there has been recent cases of them swapping materials and using inferior products

Regards Paul Brown 55#17

On 25 Jul 2019, at 9:55 am, Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...> wrote:

Thank you Gerhard for the detailed information. Where did you haul out and were you happy with the service of the yard and all the contractors?

Any issues with safety?


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There are 2 boatyards with travel-lifts in Monastir.
The one in the marina has a smaller travel-lift with maximum 20 tons.
2 miles in the south of the marina in the Port de Peche (fishers harbour) is a greater lift which might be better for your boat size.
Address of the boat yard in the marina:
Chantier Navale Marina Cap Monastir
Owner: Mohamed Mrad
Phone: 00 216 73 580 266‬ or 00 216 73 467 451‬ or 00 216 97 775 422‬ or 00 216 97 775 422‬
Address of the boat yard Monastir Port de Peche:
Owner: Moncef
Phone: 00 216 22 653 457‬
Chef: Amet
Phone: 00 216 99 239 413‬
Sailmaker Monastir:
Hedi Chafroud
Phone: 00 216 52 394 757‬ or 00 216 22 694 757‬
Specialist for Inox:
Anouar Hizem
Phone: 00 216 98 830 995‬ or 00 216 73 449 183‬
Chantier Naval SOHICOMET, Port de Peche
Inox workshop outside Port de Peche:
Walid Frih
Phone: 00 216 98 977 709‬
Diver Monastir:
Makram Bouzgarrou
Phone: 00216 20 255 674‬

If you need more addresses please ask:
Bernard Casanova
Boat name: "ENCORE" in the marina Monastir
Phone: 00 216 22 509 172‬ or ‭00 216 24 201 363‬

Gerhard Mueller
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