Re: Monastir Marina

Robin E. Hutter

I did haul out my 54, but not in Monastir... - when I was in Monastir I still had my SM GrosDoux.
Right hand guy of Mohamed Mrad (owner of yard) is Amor - he will know all relevant people. Mechanik is Fathi, stainless steel guy is Adel - good werk, but the raw material is not of the best quality. Not everybody is allowed to work there ...
caution is necessary when using the canvas guys in the marina. they do a good job, but are never in time. Mohamed the father is ok, Adel who does all the work is very good, but his elder brother who behaves as he were the boss will promise the sky and not know about it afterwards ...

fair winds
Robin Hutter
Carré d’As
Amel 54 #54

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