Re: Water maker Questions

Mark McGovern


Your summation lines up perfectly with all of my reading on the subject of Reverse Osmosis.  The Mid-Chesapeake Bay area will be our cruising grounds for the next few years so my watermaker will only see brackish water for quite some time.  I had read in numerous places online that I would "damage my membrane" if I ran it in the Chesapeake but research from source data shows otherwise.  The Filmtec SW30 RO membrane used in our system is clearly NOT the ideal membrane for the Chesapeake Bay, but it does not seem that I will do any harm to it if I operate it at lower pressures like you mention.  For any other "geeks" interested in RO information here is a link to the 197 page technical manual from Dupont Filmtec, maker of the RO membrane:  Riveting reading for sure! ;)

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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