Re: Shore power contactor burnt out

Eamonn Washington


the good news is that I found a competent electrician in Cagliari, Sandro (tel 3476327483, only speaks Italian), and a place to get the stator rewound (Matta Electromeccanica, tel 070 284 647).  Without the helpful staff at Marina del Sole I would not have got this far.

The stator weighs about 60kg, the copper had completely melted.  The rotor was fine.  Matta will charge 500 euros plus 22% VAT for the rewinding of the stator.

I will install a double pole 20A breaker in a box in the aft lazarette like Bill suggested.  (I don’t want this generator problem again.)  Also I will install a manual relay switch in the galley to replace the burnt out contactor in the cockpit locker, with a middle OFF position, rated for at least 32A.

Thanks for all the support on this forum, it provided invaluable help.

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