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Paul Brown

Thank you Tony, I will certainly contact Sarah on Monday, I’ve found the H3000 to be working ok except for this recent issue which I’m hoping it’s a simple fix like a low power or setup problem.

Thanks again and much appreciated

Paul 55#17

On 27 Jul 2019, at 1:12 pm, tony wells via Groups.Io <tony.wells@...> wrote:

Hi Paul

If you’re unable to solve the problem via the forum then Sarah at A&T (formerly Tinley Electronics) in Lymington, UK maybe able to help. Bill Rouse introduced me to them. They’ve built a business servicing B&G but also now provide their own processors and other kit which fully integrates with B&G but has the advantage of being fully serviceable. I plan to replace all my Nav electronics this winter and will explore A&T as the ‘hub’. My H3000 keeps ‘freezing’ - unnerving! 

Sarah is highly knowledgeable and helpful - Tel +44 1590 610071 or sarah@...

I’ve attached their product info. 

Best of luck. 

Tony Wells
A54 #102 Balthazar 
Anchored at Keri, Zakynthos Greece

On 27 Jul 2019, at 11:37, Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> wrote:

Hello all,

im inquiring if someone can assist, my B&G H3000 has an issue with regards to displaying the TWS as the AWS and the AWA as the AWS so both are the same, with no displaying of the TWS. Also the boat speed is not displaying despite the paddle wheel being operable.

if I run the engine the displaying of the TWS and AWS and boat speed functions as normal but then when the engine is off and we are sailing the issue continues.

any assistance would be appreciated 

thank you Paul Brown 55#17
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<attachment 1.pdf>

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