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TWS and TWA are mathematically calculated by the H3000 processor and the calculation requires accurate  SOW input. 

You mentioned that you have no SOW. My guess is either your Sonic Speed or Paddlewheel transducers are not working properly, or a defective H3000 processor.  


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On Sat, Jul 27, 2019, 3:37 AM Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> wrote:
Hello all,

im inquiring if someone can assist, my B&G H3000 has an issue with regards to displaying the TWS as the AWS and the AWA as the AWS so both are the same, with no displaying of the TWS. Also the boat speed is not displaying despite the paddle wheel being operable.

if I run the engine the displaying of the TWS and AWS and boat speed functions as normal but then when the engine is off and we are sailing the issue continues.

any assistance would be appreciated 

thank you Paul Brown 55#17

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