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Joerg Esdorn

Paul, i, too, have had a failure of the sonic speed transducer but the new one - a much revised model Airmar I’m told - has been working flawlessly for 2 years.  If you do not have a BSP reading, you should check what the source of BSP is in the Settings Menu, likely under „system“  If it is the Airmar transducer, you should switch it to the paddle wheel (which is part of the depth and sea temp transducer, which is likely a dst200) and see whether you have BSP.   If you do, replace the sonic speed.  I would contact Stéphane at Pochon for this.  He may be able to get you a new one for free because the old one had known problems, but at least he will be able to tell you which type to get.  I’m not on the boat but can give you that info in late August if you still need it.   If you don’t see BSP with the paddle wheel either, you should check the other settings. Again, I can help in late August. 

You need BSP (or better yet, the drift corrected STW) to calculate the true wind direction and speed that you are seeing on the water - ie the wind speed and direction you need to make decisions whether to tack or gybe, for example, or to calibrate your wind instruments.  You could use SOG, but then you are calculating the TWD and TWS without any current effect and since the boat is sailing in the current, this will give you wrong info.    Even in the Med, current can make a significant difference.  

Joerg Esdorn 
A55 #53

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