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Your Amel has a compressor start and a compressor run capacitor. They are inside the white control box.

The thermostat, wiring, thermocouple, thermostat control board, system control board, or Compressor could be faulty. 

I would check in this order of probability:
Start and Run Capacitors
Wiring connections
PCBs (2)
Refrigerant level
Water flow
Fan speed (flow)

If you don't know how to do these things, hire an expert.

Your Climmas are over 20 years old and beyond end of life. You will very likely be replacing them in the near future. Consider this. 


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This sounds typical of the compressor start capacitor failing.



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Hi all

When I start the climma, the compressor starts to work only by the minimum temp. of 18 degree (the others starts at higher temp).
If I put the temp a bit higher the compressor stops. Until now everything is ok, only the temperature is not correct. When I put the  temperature down again, the compressor wants to start but it doesn't and then the 220 switch in the galley switch off. I measured all the capacitors and they are ok. Does anyone has any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks a lot in advance

Lior, SHARONA A54 #018

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