Re: problem with the Climma

John Clark

Hi Lior,
  Jumping in late on this.  If before troubleshooting your only complaint was that the unit would not cool when thermostat was set to the coldest setting, and there was no issue with the breaker tripping then you may be correct that your issue is the thermostat.   The breaker tripping could be caused by bad capacitors, a common fault and easy fix, but in reading your posts it sounds like it could also be caused by repeated starting and stopping the compressor during troubleshooting.  Compressors had a hard time restarting right after bring turned off due to back pressure from running.  Letting it sit for a minute will allow the pressure to equalize and make it easier to start.

A sneaky issue I had was the main 230v AC panel breaker tripping when the AC was running.  It turned out to be caused by condensation dripping on the compressor terminals.  There us a ground fault trip on the main breaker that will open it but not the downstream air conditioning breaker.

Regards, John
SV Annie. SM 37
Brunswick GA

On Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 5:17 PM Lior Keydar via Groups.Io <> wrote:

the breaker popped when I stopped the compressor by change the temperature to higher and then put it low again. In this case the compressor wanted to start again but couldn't and popped the breaker. when I leave the the temperature low it stopped after a while and when I "warm" the sensor with the fingers, it starts again. Yes, maybe there are two issues but I really think that the thermostat does not work properly. In the saloon it works good. I can start and stop the compressor by changing the temperature level.
Any way, the capacitors are ok. I replaced them and the problem remain the same.


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