Re: Shower spray handle

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey all, regarding that Bavaria style button sprayer.... just my opinion, I'm sure there are many happy users, but. I bought one because it is a higher quality than some of the generic plastic sprayers (for the cockpit shower, but they are the same thing). After 2 uses I ditched it and went with a sprayer with a lever activated spray, not the slick button. Why? Because with a little soap or shampoo on your hands, that button was an absolute PITA to use. A too-firm push in a way that you can't easily turn it around to spray the top of your head or other places without grabbing the whole head, finger kept slipping off... My wives hated it, and I did too. Lever action I think is the way to go for the easiest showering experience ;) Just my 2 cents.... 

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