Re: Chartplotters, upgrading electronics


Thanks, David, John, and Anne,
Do I take it that you would rather avoid the extra cost and hassle of
problems with electronic chartplotters, or are you just extolling the
virtues of the "good 'ol days"? I've read many stories of problems
folks have had relying on their chartplotters alone, and of course,
would never go without reliable paper charts, too. I do, however, hate
running up and down the companionway to glance at the chart again when
I'm in a narrow passageway (ie the ICW).

I've had one reply that Richard liked the CMap software, but he didn't
go into detail why. Has anyone bought the software and used their
laptop as the chartplotter? I guess you interface with a GPS and ?
with radar as well.

Thanks again,

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