Re: Watermaker looses pressure

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Also check to make sure your water maker is not sucking in Air.


On 7/25/19, Germain Jean-Pierre <> wrote:
Hi Carina & Conny,

I have a Duo 100 as well and have had this exact issue from time to time.

I deal with it as follows:
- I let the pressure vary and if the system goes to overpressure (OP), it
shuts down anyways.
- If the problem stated above occurs, I go to the filter clean valve and
clean the filters because in OP, the automatic clean function does not
- Use it a lot… it will stabilise after about 15 hours of production.

Mohammed’s suggestion is spot on; Martijn De Jong is top caliber (I think he
is the creator/eengineer of the Duo 60 & 100)

GL and big hugs,

Jean-Pierre & Julie, Eleuthera SM007

On 25 Jul 2019, at 17:29, CARINA HAMMARLUND <> wrote:

We have a Dessalator Duo 100 onboard and have just changed all three
membranes. After this it worked fine for a couple of weeks but lately the
pressure vary - anyone know why and how to deal with the problem?
SV Ultimo
Amel 54 No 165

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