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Hi Gary,

Automotive solenoids are not usually isolated ground solenoids. I would

check it. Automotive solenoids usually have the negative side connected internally to the mounting ears. If this is the case you defeat the isolated ground on your boat.

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Similar scenario while we were underway.  I managed to get that DC motor free and on to the cockpit floor.  There were four little hard rubber covers that held the brushes in place and when I pried them open the black dust that came out was phenomenal. 

I used a spray-air can (duster) and some spray electrical contact cleaner to clean it up and it worked fine for a couple of weeks until I could get it to a re-builder in St. Thomas(USVI).

One note; if you take it to a re-builder they may try to sell you a new relay.  At least in my case the fellow was a skilled auto mechanic but didn't understand why the unit wouldn't work when case-grounded so he wired up a whole new automotive type solenoid.  I didn't get too far trying to explain it to him, but eventually he let me take the motor back and didn't charge me for the relay. I wired the thing back up properly (take pictures!) and it's worked perfectly since then (about a year now).

Gary W.
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