Re: Chartplotters, upgrading electronics

marinmeccanica <marinmeccanica@...>

And, sadly, another Amel (S/V Sambaluka) was lost in Australia on
Chesterfield Reef this past November. I believe they were relying on
electronic charts as well.

The October Yachting Monthly contains a report about the loss of
Asolare,an Amel 54, on Moore Reef, some 52 miles NW of Willis Island
on his route from Vanuatu to Cairns whilst he was participating in the
World ARC Rally. There were two persons on board and as the
Insurance with Pantaenius specified that there should always be three
persons insurers used this fact to reject the claim even though that
it had no bearing on the disaster. The owner was seventy years old and
had some 50 years experience.
It appears that his electronic charts, supplied by Jeppeson in
2007, did not show the reef which was clearly marked on earlier
versions of C Map. The report says that as he closed the Australian
coast he changed from his passage chart to two coastal charts for the
approach to Cairns and he says that the reef was not shown on either
chart adding that it was actually on bottom of one and the top of the
other. I do not understand this comment as C Map charts are seamless.
Perhaps a slow chartplotter would not be seamless when moving from one
chart to another? He was also carrying all the relevant paper charts.
I have looked at Moore Reef on my 2002 version of C Map. The reef
is at about 15deg55'S and 149deg15E and is not shown on the scale
1/10mllion nor the 1/2.5m scales but is on the 1/1m scale.

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