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Mark Erdos


Can you recommend any specific spots? We are looking to spend a little time going between the marina and the Pearls.

We are currently in Vista Mar Marina. It is just about 50 miles west of the Panama Canal on the pacific side. The rates here a incredibly low. We are paying about $425 per month. And, the marina is top notch.

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I thought the Pearl Islands was a much better cruising ground than the
San Blas Islands. The big problem is that cruisers don't have a nice
and cheap marina like Shelter Bay on the South side of Panama. But,
dropping the hook, and paying the dinghy fee at La Playita is the
best/cheapest way to go once you're through the canal. Don't stay in
Balboa YC for more than a few nights, if at all! The working boats
will drive you nuts, and one of them crashed into Aquarius causing
some damage. They had to haul Aquarius out in Flamenco Marina at a
high cost to repair.

Ken Powers
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On 7/21/19, Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:
I have to admit, we have been cruising in this area the past 6 months and
the recent uptick in crime has me spooked. The fact that there seems to be
no police response is more than alarming. When added to the recent attacks
north of San Andres off Nicaragua it paints a grim picture. I'm now
considering pushing forward my Canal transit since it's easier than mounting
an 88 mm Flak gun on a Super Maramu.

Thomas Kleman
SM2K 422
Shelter Bay Marina

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