Re: washing machine and dryer for Amel 54


This is the model of the 54 OEM clothes washer: 
Height:85.6cm / Width:59.5cm / Depth:44.1cm

This is the model of the Beko possible replacement clothes washer: 
Height: 84.0cm / Width: 60cm / Depth: 45cm
This washing machine can wash a full 6kg load in just 28 minutes

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On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 11:54 AM Scott SV Tengah <sv.tengah@...> wrote:
I replaced my washing machine with a Beko 6kg 1000rpm one that I found in Spain.

It barely fits, but the nice thing is that it's 50% more capacity than the original Bosch. Securing it was a pain but possible through the "shipping plugs" in the back of the machine. 

I'm not aboard now but will return to the boat around the 12th, so if you want the model number, I can post it then. And if you go for this machine, I can walk you through how I secured it. The boatyard tried to secure it and well, their solution resulted in the machine falling out at an inconvenient time. :)
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