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Eamonn Washington


My wife complained that I was developing a stoop standing at the helm trying to see around in our SM.  Then I saw what Ian and Judy did in their SM 2000 Pen Azen, which had a single large vinyl curved window with one zip at the front.  I copied the SM2000 measurements for lengthening the 3 stainless steel canvas support bars, repositioned the lower one, then had canvas made to measure coping their design.  It is fantastic, even with it closed you can see the sails.  However our zip does leak in heavy downpours, despite a small canvas flap outside to protect the zip from UV.  

I went one step further, and had a row of velcro stitched above and below the vinyl, so I could put up sun block panels with the vinyl rolled down (3 straps to hold it together) or when the vinyl is closed.  Buy good quality vinyl, like Stratiglass 40.

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