Re: washing machine and dryer for Amel 54

Porter McRoberts

We replaced our bosch with the Beko. Outstanding machine and quite easy to replace.  it works much better than our house washing machine. The hardest part is getting the machine to the boat!-if in the US. 

Porter McRoberts 

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We replaced the original Bosch machine in 2017 when it started to trip the power out. The replacement was as in the previous post, a Beko. There are very few half depth machines available and Bosch no longer make one. Our original machine was held in place by two bolts attached through the back of the machine which go through a panel at the back of the machine space and are secured by two Amel style wheel nuts. These are accessed via a panel in the port side double cabin. We fitted these bolts to the new machine. 

The old and new machines just fit through the companionway doors. 

On the the subject of tumble dryers, ours got a large amount of use, especially for drying towels when at sea. The main issue that we had was with the grill at the end of the exhaust pipe blocking, solved by removing the internal grill. 

Martin Bevan
Previous owner of Caduceus A54#56

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