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Brent Cameron

Bill, speaking as one of those who really, really, wants to own an Amel but doesn’t yet have one, I find those “maintenance issues” posts fascinating and one key way to learn more about the brand and the different models.  When I finally pull the trigger, I feel like I will really know where to go to get help on any problem I could face - this forum (after using your excellent school of course!).  This forum is unparalleled in the depth of the information on models, potential issues, maintenance tips and tricks, recommendations and even cruising ground advice - it is one of the key reasons I am totally sold on Amel over competing manufacturers (plus all Amel owners are just so damn smart and good looking so who wouldn’t want to be one!).  

Don’t apologize for those kinds of posts…. even though we’ve seen hundreds of posts on how to replace bow thruster seals, I read every one and learn a bit more each time so that when I finally do get my Amel, I know that I should be able to tackle just about anything with reference to those of you who have shared your hard won experience.  

For those new owners, you may wish to update your name/boat in the Amel Owner’s Registry by submitting the update form at:  We don’t post links to this outside the forum so your information should be safe there.  I have yet to hear of anyone getting spammed as a result of this and you get to decide how much, if any, information you would like to share in any case.  

Brent Cameron, Future Amel Owner and Amel Registry Moderator.

On Aug 1, 2019, 6:11 PM -0400, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...>, wrote:
All owners and all non-owners interested in the Amel Brand:

In the month of July, we added 31 new members to the Amel Yacht Owners Group. 
There were 20 new members who were "Interested in buying an Amel."
There were 11 Amel owners, including several Amel 50 owners and one Amel 60 owner (he has not received his 60 yet)

Also we currently have over 1,000 members who receive each of our postings.

It must be daunting to those "Interested in Amel" to see all of the postings regarding maintenance issues. I hope they understand that when a group has this many members, there will be a substantial number of maintenance issues that we want to share. That said, I am sure that 99% of the owners consider their Amel the best and safest ocean sailing yacht available.

Please consider the fact that someone asking you a question may not own an Amel.....YET!

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Brent Cameron

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