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Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy)

Hi Kent & Iris, and the Amel community in general,

Sorry I cannot comment on the shelf life of the packing material but I do have a question regarding the packing nut and stuffing box. A small leak was noticed after our passage from Panama to Nuku Hiva. Just wondering if there's anything special with tightening the nut. My plan is to fit a large wrench, give it a ~1/8th turn and tighten up the siezing wire. Is it that simple?

I know other stuffing box designs sometimes want a very slow drip to help with lubrication. Maybe that is only for propshaft stuffing boxes? Just want to make sure I understand the Amel design before doing anything. Should it be 100% leakproof and dry?

Photos attached to show what it looks like on Trilogy.

Mike & Hannah
SV Trilogy
Kauehi, Tuamotus

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We are stocking up on spare parts for our S Pacific cruise.  I am wondering about shelf life of the packing for the rudder stuffing box.  In 10 years I have only had to tighten the nut about 1/8 turn to stop a small leak.  It’s 20 years old so I want to be prepared if I need to change it.  Will this packing last indefinitely?  What if I vacuum seal it?

How much would you carry for a 5-10 year cruise?

As usual, thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Kent & Iris

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