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Thanks Eric, any idea how long the packing material might last if kept in a vacuum sealed bag?

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Here is a photo of a wrench that I made to tighten the nut. It is made from a piece of 6 mm aluminum stock and cut out with a band saw.

You can also make a long "L" shaped piece of stainless steel the vertical part of the L will hold the nut in place and the horizontal section is drilled for screws and this screws into the base below the nut.

I expanded the stuffing box and now have 5 pieces of packing in the stuffing box. I have kept the packing in a plastic zip lock bag taped with duct tape near the rudder stock along with a packing nut.
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As it happens I’ve just ordered a new nut together with the packing material for our boat.
Regrettably the nut is not on stock at Amel, they just ordered new ones themselves but it will be September before they are back on stock.
Looking at your picture you seem to have enough room to tighten the nut 1/6 or 1/3 turn.
Be careful as the nut is made of nylon. A rudder gland should not leak at all. The packing material is grease saturated and should keep the water out.
Use a good fitting wrench to tighten the nut and turn it slowly. Do 1/6th of a turn and first assess the result before turning it any more. If movement is extremely hard, the packing material needs to be replaced first.

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