Re: Shore power contactor burnt out

I changed my switch last year in a Philippi Lau 340 with 3 inputs. 
1st shore power
2nd generator 
3. battery cable. 
The generator always has priority. 

This gives you the possibility to have 220 v permanently on the sockets in the ship.  Works great. 
520 Euro 
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Am 03.08.2019 um 04:02 schrieb eric freedman <kimberlite@...>:

Hi Eamonn,

That type of manual switch is called a transfer switch.

Did you also install a galvanic isolator in the circuit while you were rewiring the boat?

What type of housing did you enclose the circuit breaker in your aft lazarette?

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Hi Eric

The contactor is an automatic switch that selects either the power from the shore or the generator.  The manual switch does the same job, just manually.  I bought a Schneider Electric rotary switch rated for 32A, with an off position between the shore and generator position.  It is inside the same box in the cockpit locker, except the selector is inside the galley to port of the existing generator start switch.

My Stator was rewound for 610 euros including VAT, and was assembled (with difficulty) in the engine room.  It all works now.  I also installed the 20A bipolar trip switches in the aft lazerette that Bill suggested, and I took the opportunity to replace the full length of the shore power cable (right up to the rotary switch).

All the electrical work was done by an electrician.

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