Re: This should interest all members, especially Amel yacht owners

Mark McGovern

As a "new-ish" owner of an Amel at just over 2 years now, I could not agree with Brent more.  The existence of this forum was a huge tick in the "Pro" column for buying an Amel when we were looking for a safe, comfortable, and affordable world cruising vessel.  The amount of maintenance and technical information including part numbers, sources, methods, tips and tricks are simply amazing for a DIYer bent on exploring places where YOU and your spares are the main (only?) resource that you will rely on to keep your systems operational.  The Amel Facebook group does a great job showing you all the beautiful places your Amel can take you.  This group does a great job making sure you get there safe and sound, can take a hot shower when you arrive, can cook a nice meal on your stovetop or oven, and can enjoy the cold beverage of your choice in that beautiful place!  Both are equally valuable to me.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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