Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow locker seals


I posted this s few weeks ago with no definitive answers, trying again.  I want to replace my deck locker gaskets, and haven’t found a source for them other than Amel.  Bill R’s post earlier indicated they are hollow and reinforced at the corners with something in the hollow.  John was looking for a 1inch “half-round” gasket.  Richard built up new gaskets out of neoprene layers. John and Anne found leaking spots with a hose test with her in the locker, and said Amel drilled small holes in the seals at those points and injected silicone which stopped the leaks.

I have found 1-inch half round gaskets in three configurations: D with a large hollow, D with a 3/16 hole down the center, and Solid half round.

Does anyone know which of these profiles most closely resembles the originals?

Are the originals truly 1” half-round with 1inch height?

What material are they?  Neoprene? Something else?

What material was used to reinforce them at the corners?

John and Anne, is the Amel silicone injection repair holding up?

Thanks for any advice/thoughts/sources/etc


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