Re: This should interest all members, especially Amel yacht owners

Porter McRoberts

Bill Rouse and the Yacht School was our secret weapon to understanding our Amel 54 quickly and logically. I basically had zero experience fixing boats. Through Bill I came to understand not only the ethos of Amel, but how to deal with what seems like insurmountable problems (new furlers, new engine, etc...) in far away places, with a smile on your face. We, my family and myself shake our heads often thanking Bill, without telling him how much we’ve appreciated his help, candor, and amazing attitude as we’ve sailed for the past 2 years. Now we’re in FP with a few miles under our keel. I haven’t walked onto any other sailboat or catamaran I’d rather have. (Also read Fatty Goodlander’s storm proofing your boat, you won’t want anything but an Amel). Thank you Bill for all you’ve done for us and I’m sure they’ll be some echos from all the other folks on this forum: thank you for what you’ve done for Amel!  

Porter, Helen Grace and Lilly McRoberts
S/V Ibis. A54-152
Bora Bora

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I forgot to add a shout out to Bill himself... I never had the scratch for the school, but the remote photography-based evaluation service was a god-send. I highly recommend it to any prospective buyers. 

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