Re: Spinniker or parasailor

Joerg Esdorn

Paul, I have a Parasailor and I use it without a pole.  It's attached to the forestay with an ATN Tacker.  It's much more stable than a symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker and much more forgiving - it's very hard to collapse it and if it does collapse, it won't fill with a Big Bang but with a more gentle "woosh."  The "wing" really works.   I would be very careful using the heavy jib pole for a spinnaker or Parasailor - it's dangerous in my view and the manual for the 55 warns against using it for a spinnaker or Parasailor.   One problem is that to take the sail down with the snuffer you will need to swing the pole forward to the forestay - it will then be loose and start swinging around.  I hope that helps.  Joerg Esdorn, A55 #53, Kincsem

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