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Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila

I am on my way to Sweden and will even be close the swedish shop. Will be there at the end of August.

If you are interested, I can see how many I can buy and send to you. 
Can be easier than asking them to send world wide.
Just let me know how many and where to send.

Ann-Sofie S/Y Lady Annila SM232, 1998

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4 aug. 2019 kl. 17:25 skrev CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...>:

Ian and others:

I cannot account for why I was told the rubber button was not a Goiot part, but, in fact, when I contacted Goiot France to buy some sun screens for the Traditional ports, they put me in touch with their North America Contact Bill Hansen, who sold me the sun screens. I also asked him about these rubber things. He told me that he checked with France and Goiot told him no. 

I just downloaded the complete Goiot Tradition Parts list and this rubber part #93482 Rubber knob for round ports and 44.22 & 54.32 sizes (x 2) is there...see attached


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On Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 10:41 AM Ian Park <parkianj@...> wrote:
I found one on my Amel spare parts box. Photo attached of item plus Goiot box it came in.
The label on the back is faded but it says
And in English
A serial number underneath is

I would have bought this in Le Marin in 2016

Maybe they are now discontinued?

Best wishes
“Ocean Hobo” cruising in Denmark

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<Goiot Tradition Port parts.pdf>

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