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Personally, I would never put my boat name on my tender, only the registration number eg. T/T Reg 9999. By doing this you avoid the possibility of someone ashore immediately identifying that boat by name has no-one on board. A security measure everyone should consider.

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Write ”T/T” followed by your boats name on it.  
T/T = Tender To

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In the USA, your USA cruising permit does not include the dinghy. You are required to have a state registration. The guy did you a favor by not writing you a ticket. It doesn’t really matter which state you register in so long as you have some sort of registration. Rule of thumb, if it has a motor, it must be registered.


The difficult part is explaining to the local tax agency that you are required to register the dinghy (per the authorities) but you do not reside there or have a mailing address in the state to where they can mail you the permit. It is really screwed up. If you are in a marina, that’ll be easier as you can use their address.




You can mark the dinghy “T/T No Stress” and show them the federal rules that allow you to use the tender to transit ONLY to and from the mothership (no joy riding). Most law enforcement officers are unaware of this. You will need to carry it with you. I do not know where to point you to online for the rules. Perhaps someone else can help.



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Dear Amelians, I just head a local constable visiting me, asking for my dinghy registration.  He sais any motorized boat has to be registered in the State of N.Y. My AMEL is Swiss registered and logically if that was true, I would also need to register my AMEL in N.Y. However, this guy wants to give me a ticket if he sees me again motoring in the Dinghy. Any locals reading this, please advise what I should say to his guy next time...
"NO STRESS ".....!!!!!!!

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