Re: Spinnaker or parasailor

Joerg Esdorn

Paul, the Parasailor is not as easy to launch as my Code Zero on a furler but it's less work than setting the pole.  There are two ways to set it.  The standard way is using 2 sheets and 2 guys running through blocks at the bow.  The way I've started using it this season is with the ATN tacker, which requires just one sheet, and one downhaul line at the tacker.  I also use barber haulers that prevent the clew from rising too high.  With the snuffer, it's easy to retrieve it if you ease the sheet so it collapses but when the wind comes up (say>20 knots), it can be hard work getting the bag down without it going in the water.  You'll want to fall off and do it downwind in the lee of the mainsail if you can.  That means you need to set the main if it's not up already.  I've done it plenty of times this season with just 2 people on the boat so it can be done.  

You can use the Parasailor from about 6 - 7 knots true and for AWA of between 90 and 160 degrees if you have the mizzen up or 180 degrees if the mizzen is down.  You can have the main up as well if the AWA is less than about 120 degrees or more in higher wind speeds.  So it's a lot more flexible than the poled out Genoa, which you can use between 150 and 180 AWA in my experience.  I've not poled out the Code Zero but since it's wider than the Genoa, I suspect it's even more restrictive than the Genoa.  The boat will go quite a bit faster than with the poled out Genoa (.5 to 1knot faster in most situations) and will not roll as much - the Parasailor stabilizes the boat actually.  I've not had the Parasailor up in more than 20 knots true but I've spoken to an A55 owner who did the ARC with it and had it up at night during squalls in up to 30 knots.  That sounds a bit much to me.   I've typically taken it down in 20 plus and switched to the Genoa, poled out if the angle is right.  

Happy to discuss on the phone if you'd like.  Just PM me.  

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53, Kincsem
Almerimar, Spain

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