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Really considering this Scott, I’d love to see a write up. Do you have the duo or the 230/50hz only dessalator?  Very tempting I must say. This and a little wind generator and I think with our 3 panels we might truly be off the grid. 
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It appears the new Amel 60 is going with 720ah of lithium batteries and as a result getting an electric oven and induction cooking.


As someone who has had 450ah of lithium for about a year now, I can say it has been transformative and I'm glad Amel finally moved in that direction. The ability to run all the 220v appliances (via our 5kw inverter) on battery has been life changing, to quote the admiral. We try not to use the Eno stove now and prefer to cook electrically.

It was not an easy process and I had to "guide" the marine electricians quite a bit as they are used to lead acid/agm thinking, which in many ways, doesn't apply to lithium. 

Some advantages we've noticed:

- 20% increase in solar panel / 220v charger efficiency. There's only about 3% loss charging lithium vs. 20%+ for lead acid/agm/gel
- we can run the aft cabin AC all night on battery
- we can run the windlass and bow thruster with the engine off
- with 200amps of 220v chargers, we run the Onan for maybe 30 minutes every few days
- we can make 900 liters of water (say overnight) on battery

If anyone is contemplating it, I can try to do a writeup on our setup (we changed 220v chargers, alternator charge controller, wiring) and what worked and what isn't perfect. 

Very glad to see Amel has incorporated it in their 60 and hopefully other boats going forward. 

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