Re: Spinnaker or parasailor


Hallo Joerg and all Amelians,
I have read with much interest your description of your way of using the parasailor on your 55. I have a Santorini with my man Dietmar; we are thinking about buying a parasailor since 2 years, but it seems there are some problems using it on a Santorin.
The first problem seems to be the 2 “horns” at the top of the Genoa furler: do you have it on the 55? and did you have to remove it using the parasailor?
The second problem are the winches: the Santorini just has 2 winches: are they enough or we have to mount some others winches or “blocks”?
Third and last doubt is: is the parasailor really manageable by just two 60andmoreyears old people?
Sorry for my bad English! I hope you can understand my questions.
Thanks a lot for your time.
Fair wind

Stefania and Dietmar
SY Euploia SN #93
Actually in Skinousa ( Cyclades, Greece)

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