Re: Amel is going lithium

Arno Luijten

Hi Scott,

Yes, I would be interested as well. I noticed in the very extensive description of the A60 that the now incorporate a fan inside the battery compartment. I wonder what led to this.
I’m considering to build my own bank using the Chinese Wilson cells. Fun fact; the (very expensive) Mastervolt Lithium batteries also use these cells but hide them in a Mastervolt box.

My biggest issue with the whole Lithium story is that Lithium batteries should ideally be disconnected from the charger once they are full. The concept of “float” does not apply to Lithium batteries. Now this becomes an issue if you are long term on shore power. I know not all Amels do this but for us this is reality. The way to solve this is to toggle the charger (using a breaker relay) and keep the loads on the battery side or disconnect the batteries and keep the loads on the charger side.
Both have drawbacks.
The first adds lots of small cycles to the batteries. Also you need to decide when to resume recharging (by programming the BMS, the Battery Management System)
The second assumes your charger can handle all the 24 volt power needs when connected to shore-power. Also you need to reconnect the batteries very fast if shore-power is interrupted (planned or unplanned) to prevent several of the 24 volt systems to suffer from power interruption (fridges don’t like that for example).
Most “drop in replacement” solutions are designed without a clear explanation how they handle this problem. When building your own battery pack you can buy many different BMS systems. Most of them are designed of off-grid living (on land) and do not address this issue as it not relevant for them.

So I’m curious what you all did to be “Living on Lithium”.


Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

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