Re: Spinnaker or parasailor

Joerg Esdorn

Hi Stefania, the A55 doesn't have the "horns" but that should not mean that you cannot have a Parasailor on your boat.  There are several SMs with "horns" and Parasailors so you should compare your setup to an SM.  I suspect it's not a problem but it all depends how your spinnaker halyard is run at the top of the mast.  Any spinnaker even a Code Zero should have the same issue as a Parasailor as regards the "horns".  As to the number of winches, you will need only 2 winches if you attach the Para to your forestay with an ATN tacker although even in that case we use another winch to tighten the barber hauler.  But that's not necessary for your boat - you could just use a block and tackle (Flaschenzug) or even a single line led to a cleat.  If, on the other hand, you run the para sailor with 2 sheets and 2 guys, you will need 2 winches on each side of your boat.  

As to manageability, the issue arises when you take the sail down because the wind has picked up too much.  Then it depends a bit on how fit you are.  I'm 64 but I'm very fit and have sailed for 50 years plus.  So I'm comfortable on the bow of my boat.  You will need on reasonably fit person to haul the bag into the boat (once the snuffer is down) and one person who can let the halyard down.  On the other hand, for your boat the Parasailor may be quite a bit smaller than the 175 m2 for the A55!  I hope this helps!  Cheers Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53

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