Re: Hoping to tour an Amel Santorin in USA

Matt Salatino

Check with Chris Stanley, Starkist, on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Several there. Don’t know what’s for sale....


On Aug 5, 2019, at 12:06 PM, Will Marks <William.L.Marks@...> wrote:

Update -

Craig and Katherine Briggs of SN Sangaris very graciously offered to give my wife and I a tour of their boat in South Florida this past weekend. I'd like to publicly thank them for being exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge. They are fantastic ambassadors for Amel. I had no sooner set foot on deck before Craig had me rigging up one of the articulating poles and rolling out the genoa so that he could show me the ballooner and halyard retrieval system. Throughout the morning and afternoon, it would seem that Craig left no system on Sangaris unexplained. The average broker with money on the line wouldn't even have given as thorough a tour of a boat!


Seeing the boat in the flesh confirmed our suspicions that this is a design would serve our purposes well. A Santorin is now at the top of our short list. We are very much hoping that a well-kept one will come up for sale on this side of the Atlantic in the coming 6-9 months, as right now they appear to all be in Europe. If any forum members know of one that may be coming on to the market in the US or Caribbean, we would welcome the heads up.


Thanks again to Craig and Katherine.


Will Marks

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