Re: Amel is going lithium

Dean Gillies

Hi Scott,
There is no doubt that Lithium is the future direction, so it’s great to see Amel moving that way. 
I would personally love to see a write up on your installation for the 54. It’s great to see those little (and not so little!) practical improvements that you mention. 

As someone who gets concerned when my (AGM) bank drops under 85%, I can only imagine a world where I could (in theory) get 4 or 5 times the power from a full charge.

i wonder if Tuen Baas (Amelit) would also care to chime in here? I know that the previous owner of the 54 Amelit installed Lithium batteries, and I understand it did not work out, but I don’t know the exact reason. 

All great and interesting stuff!

SY Stella A54-154

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