Re: Amel is going lithium

Scott SV Tengah


I have the Duo and generally make water using the batteries. Something about running the genset, putting all that soot in the water and then sucking it up to make water makes me nervous! I run the water maker as 220v now and then to keep things from corroding from non-use.

How many Ah do you get a day from your wind generator on average? We get about 200-250AH a day from our solar panels and it's nearly enough. I'm at the point now where I worry that we're not using the genset enough and it'll develop problems from non-use.

But as they say, energy is like money. You think you'll be happy with X but then you get to X and you think, but if I only I had Y more, I would have enough. :)
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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