Re: Haul out preparation - use of a dehumidifier

Leopold Hauer

Hi Lucy

An easy solution is to pull out the deep sensor and drain through this hole.


YinYang SM 69  Samoa

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Am 06.08.2019 um 14:56 schrieb Starfish via Groups.Io <lucyannepearce@...>:

We are going to haul out our Super Maramu 2000 for 3-4 months in Greneda.

We have been advised to use a dehumidifier to prevent mould/mildew because the boat will be watertight with no ventilation.

Is it alright to let the dehumidifier drain into the bilge pump and leave the power on to let the bilge pump run for 3 months?

Is there a better solution?

Thanks in advance

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