Re: Amel is going lithium

Scott SV Tengah


Given the tone of your message, I get the impression that you're quite argumentative. I'm not interested in getting into an internet urination contest, so I'll just provide data and verifiable facts for you.

First, you are close to correct in the water maker calc. Yes, I make water on battery alone, generally with a fully charged battery. I am not on the boat now - damn hurricane season, but the manual tells me the 24v duo 100 motor draws 600watts. Lithium fully charged is 3.6 volts per cell and has a very small voltage drop on such a small load given my 450ah/24 bank. Even the windlass doesn't result in a huge voltage drop. People who have not used lithium are amazed when they see that. So we'll be conservative and use your 25 amps per hour. I average about 80l/hr from my Duo100. That's 11.25 hours to fill up an empty water tank. The Peukert effect is negligible on a lifepo4 battery, another surprise for many so 25*11.25 = 281.25AH.  Given my battery bank is 450AH, the battery bank still has 60% left after making water for almost half a day.

For the solar panels, I'll just attach the latest data output from my Victron solar charge controller. I use LG Neon2 320w panels x 3. 

Fair winds,

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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