Re: Haul out preparation - use of a dehumidifier

Matt Salatino

Although not available everywhere, we’ve used paraformaldehyde crystals. Learned about them from a Canadian friend, when we were in Trinidad.
In US, brands are Sun-Pac, Mildew-zone. There are others.
Exudes a poison gas. Not only prevents mold, but kills any existing mold, insects, vermin. Bugs and rodents will not come in the boat.
When you return, just open the boat and air it out for a few minutes.
We kept the boat sealed up, storing in Guatemala for a few off-seasons.


On Aug 6, 2019, at 11:47 AM, Theo s/v Paloma <sailingpaloma1@...> wrote:

I used cat litter with great success when I was leaving my ex-Lagoon 450 in New Zealand off season. I bought several aluminum disposable cooking pans, filled them with cat litter and placed them in each room.

I also opened every drawer and cabinet so that it airs. All hatches and doors were closed and locked. 

s/v Paloma
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