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Porter McRoberts

Very interesting re serial vs parallel. I do find a big drop in production with shading, much better days if the wind keeps the solar pointed towards the sun. I’ll have to run a bit more wire to the mppt. I’ll try that in NZ and see what we get. Thanks for the suggestion!!


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I guess you mean far from the panels to the mppt? 

Maybe you can experiment with parallel to see if you get higher output. I believe parallel is better than serial when you have shading on some panels and not others. 

I have the 3 pairs of wires from the panels to a switch in the aft lazarette.  Then one pair from the lazarette to the mppt which is behind the main switches in the passage berth. Of course the batteries are near there. 

Seems to be no problem with the distance as I'm getting up to 6500wh per day as you can see on the data I posted earlier. 
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