Re: Genoa car springs

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

I did this in one of my videos called "Booms and Running Rigging!
Changes and what they cost" Not sure if you have the same car or not,
but this is how I did mine.

This is pretty much a step by step.... Some say that you should not
cut the track, but I disagree. If done correctly, it will make it
easy the next time you have to remove the car.

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K#262
Currently in Indonesia

On 8/5/19, Alan Leslie <> wrote:
I need to replace the springs in one of my Antal genoa cars.
The springs and block are attached to the car by a stainless rod that runs
from fwd to aft and is dead ended at the aft end.
There is a split pin through a hole in the rod to prevent the rod from
coming out.
I can't turn the rod to get the split pin out...and even if I could I doubt
that I could get the rod out.
Has anyone done this before?
Any advice on how to remove that rod ?
Elyse SM437

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